New Game Releases

July’s here, and summer’s in full swing! To celebrate, why not check out some of the amazing games we have in store for you this month?

I Love Finding MORE Pups

It’s time to meet a whole new host of furry friends! The I Love Finding Animals series’ latest installment, I Love Finding MORE Pups, is out and ready to be played!

Head on over to Steam or BigFish Games and get your own copy today. Make sure you check the game out as soon as you can!

First Time in Rome

First Time in Rome, the second game in our First Time series, premieres on GameHouse.

Explore and complete gorgeously-illustrated Hidden Object scenes and mini games as you accompany travel blogger Kate Robinson and her daughter Nicole on a dreamlike work trip to Rome.

See and experience the sounds and sights that all roads lead to with First Time in Rome!

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