Double Feature!

No, you’re not seeing double: we do have two big releases coming out soon! Read ahead to find out more!

First Time in Rome

We hope you’re ready to explore the Capital of the World, because First Time in Rome launches later this month! Join Kate and Nicole Robinson on the tour of their lives, where they’ll meet new people, make new memories, and unveil the hidden beauty of Rome.

See the many sights and sounds of the Eternal City — all in the form of gorgeously-illustrated Hidden Object scenes and mini games — when First Time in Rome launches on Steam and BigFish Games.

Finding America: The Heartland

Introducing the first game of a brand new, all-American Hidden Object series: Finding America: The Heartland! From Kansas’ simple farmhouses to South Dakota’s grand Mount Rushmore, experience the many things the Heartland has to offer — in stunning Hidden Object and mini game form, of course! Finding America: The Heartland launches on Steam and on BigFish Games, so make sure you’re prepared for the quintessential Heartland experience! 

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