is a casual games developer registered in Singapore with a virtual office environment. It was formed in 2005 and has released 50 games to date that are ported on various platforms. Boomzap has developed games for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Nintendo DS, Wii, iOS, and Android. Its games are available on games portals such as Big Fish Games, Yahoo!, WildTangent, GameHouse, Google Play, Amazon, iTunes, Steam, and others.

Boomzap is known in the game industry for being one of the few companies to use a pure virtual office environment. Articles have been written on the subject in the Casual Games Association Magazine and Gamasutra regarding their prototyping methods. A feature article on Gamasutra was released on April 1, 2010 that further elaborated Boomzap’s “quick and dirty” production process for making games.

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