This terms of service covers the products that we release ourselves on the various app stores and websites. Please check to see if Boomzap is the developer of the game you are downloading.

1. We do our best to release our games bug-free, but sometimes bugs still find their way in.

We don’t like bugs, either, so please send in your detailed bug reports via forums or email so we can fix them.

2. We will try to support our products as best we can, but in some cases, we may have to stop supporting certain games.

Sometimes, games have to end, and the cause(s) may be out of our control. We will let you know via newsletter, forums, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts if we have to end support.

3. We try our best to reply as quickly as we can to all queries to our emails, forums, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts.

4. The art, names, etc. of games we directly release on the different app stores and websites are our property.

Feel free to write about them in your blogs and review sites! If you plan to use them for commercial use, do send us an email.

5. We may link to third party websites, such as game review blogs, publisher sites, or ads.

We make sure these links are safe. In case something causes problems for you, it is most likely on their end. Do send us an email if you have problems with them; we’ll see what we can do. Also, our Privacy Policy has information on what is gathered about you when you click on those links.

6. Our games use third-party servers, and we are not liable for problems that are caused by them.

This is usually when you cannot connect to the server, or download data. However, we will always try our best to fix the issues as soon as we can.

7. You will be responsible for keeping your usernames and passwords in the games, forums, etc. safe.

We can protect your account details in our servers, but not on your phones, tablets, or computers. Keep them safe!

8. Not all purchases in the game are refundable or can be restored.

Consumable items such as in-game cash, gems, potions can’t be restored if they are lost.

9. We’ll roll out games in beta testing gradually; the goal is to reach as many beta testers as soon as possible, without crashing our servers.

We’ll get you the build and documentation you need. Since the games will still be very much works-in-progress, we’d appreciate it if you didn’t post stuff in public about your experience. These are development builds and almost guaranteed to contain bugs, crashes, and various issues.

10. If we make changes to our Terms of Service, we will announce it on our website and update the Terms of Service modification date below.

11. By using our website, forums and our games, you agree to these terms.

Last updated September 11, 2015.

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