Cathy’s Crafts

About Cathy’s Crafts

For Cathy, chasing her dreams is just another fantasy… until Ming, her mischievous cat, gives her an intriguing idea.

In Cathy’s Crafts, Cathy finds that chasing her dreams always seems to come second. Her family wants her to take over the family shop, while her boyfriend wants her to move to New York. She isn’t sure either life is for her. Ming, her mischievous cat, is blessedly free from the pressures of the world. This gets Cathy thinking…find out her plan in a cleverly written time management adventure about family, priorities, and the wisdom in being true to yourself.

Game Features:
Play 60 lovely time management levels in 6 different locations
Win all 18 trophies and become a real crafting star
Help your customers craft beautiful objects
Explore the cute story of talented young Cathy and her mischievous cat, Ming

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