Get Your Game On This Christmas!

This festive Christmas extravaganza brings a sleigh-load of merry subgames, including Find the Difference tasks that’ll captivate you, cozy Jigsaw puzzles to complete, and joyful

Paint sessions for crafting holiday masterpieces. Engage your brain with cheery Crossword riddles, test your memory with snowman pairs in the Memory game, and challenge your wordplay with festive Word Guess tasks.

Revel in the holiday cheer with All I Want for Christmas are Subgames!

Step into the world of Stories in Glass: Winter, a unique puzzle game that combines the awe-inspiring beauty of stained-glass art with the heartwarming joy of Christmas.

Comprising 5 beautifully crafted books, each containing 8 meticulously designed levels, the game is your canvas for revealing the enchanting stories that winter has to tell.

Dive into the holiday spirit with this captivating jigsaw puzzle game designed to spread festive cheer! It features 125 beautifully crafted images across five enchanting categories, including Christmas Town, Nature, Animals, Decors, and Treats!

Whether you’re a seasoned puzzler or just looking for some holiday fun, Puzzle Vacations: Christmas 2023 promises hours of engaging gameplay and a delightful journey through the magic of Christmas!

Gallery of Things: Reveries is a unique hidden object game deeply influenced by the whimsical and thought-provoking Dadaism art movement. Spanning 36 levels, each stage is meticulously crafted to be a visual and intellectual challenge.

Players are immersed in montages that blend the surreal with the familiar, urging a deeper contemplation of the interplay between humans, nature, and technology.

Join a group of resilient monkeys on a journey to find a new home.

Explore the depths of the island, uncover ruins, and meet other monkeys with unique tales. Gain trust by collecting mojos and offering them to the spirits. Help the monkeys appease the spirits and transform the island into a new home for them.

Chimp Quest: Spirit Isle will be available on Steam this December. Wishlist it NOW!

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