Faircroft’s Antiques – Treasures of Treffenburg

About Faircroft’s Antiques – Treasures of Treffenburg

Dive into the world of art with Faircrofts Antiques! Join conservator Mia Faircroft as she explores the town of Treffenburg to find and restore priceless antiques. Tour Treffenburg through 20 beautiful hidden object scenes! Get to know the town’s residents and find their connections to the past!

Faircrofts Antiques: Treasures of Treffenburg is a classic hidden object game that takes place in the town of Treffenburg. Play as Mia Faircroft, a young conservator investigating a collection of antiques belonging to the town’s famous matriarch, Lady Harcourt.

Mia must find and piece together the antiques in the collection, and in the process, discover the Harcourt family’s long-forgotten secrets.

Explore Treffenburg through 20 beautiful hidden object scenes. Find key items to open up secret rooms!

Piece together the antiques of the Harcourt collection in challenging minigames!

Mia is not alone in her quest! Meet the residents of Treffenburg, some of whom have distant connections to the Harcourt family. Help Mia make connections with the residents to seek out more antiques, and discover the residents’ stories in the process!

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