First Time In Paris

About First Time In Paris

First Time in Paris is a Hidden Object game filled with lots of different minigames.  

When amateur travel blogger Kate is approached by a struggling hotel for her first big gig, she just can’t refuse. Now, she and her daughter Nicole are on a trip to Paris to figure out how to save the Hotel Hospitalité! Join Kate and Nicole on a journey through the streets of the City of Love, as they see the sights, taste the food, meet the people, hear their stories — and along the way, uncover the beauty of a historic Parisian hotel.

Travel through over 20 different hidden object scenes set in Paris as you chat with your new friends and business partners. When you aren’t doing that, explore the most famous sites of Paris like the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame through a variety of minigames. Get to know the city of Paris better, and find a way to use this knowledge to save the Hotel Hospitalité!

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