Stories in Glass: Winter

About Stories in Glass: Winter

Step into the world of “Stories in Glass: Winter,” a unique puzzle game that combines the awe-inspiring beauty of stained-glass art with the heartwarming joy of Christmas. Comprising 5 beautifully crafted books, each containing 8 meticulously designed levels, the game is your canvas for revealing the enchanting stories that winter has to tell.

Each completed puzzle not only satisfies your problem-solving cravings but also reveals a snippet of an overarching winter tale that brings depth and context to your gameplay experience.

Setting the stage is a soothing and atmospheric soundtrack specifically composed to elevate your gaming moments, accentuating the meditative quality of the puzzles. The radiant colors and intricate designs of each stained-glass artwork breathe life into the game, capturing the essence of the Christmas season.


  • 40 vibrant puzzles with Christmas flair.
  • 5 books, each a unique winter tale.
  • Stunning stained-glass art design.

This holiday season, immerse yourself in a game that offers not just entertainment but also a touch of Christmas magic. Piece by piece, unveil the wondrous stories and traditions of winter, all captured in mesmerizing stained-glass art. “Stories in Glass: Winter” is not just a game; it’s a celebration of the holiday spirit, presented in a medium as timeless as the tales it tells.

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